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2018 Nebraska Deposit Account Administration - Electronic

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Note: This manual was presented to attendees of this full-day program presented by the Nebraska Bankers Association in May of 2018. Click the link to order an electronic (PDF) copy of this manual. It can be copied and distributed to an unlimited number of employees or posted on the financial institution's intranet for instant access and easy reference. You will automatically receive a link to the manual via e-mail when payment is received.

Opening and maintaining deposit accounts is becoming increasingly complicated. This manual provides answers to your questions regarding documentation, due diligence, ownership and access on conusmer, fiduciary and business accounts.
This manual provides Nebraska-specific information regarding opening and maintaining all types of deposit account ownerships. Account ownerships recognized by state and federal law are discussed in detail. This program explores documentation options and identifies "best practices" for opening and maintaining accounts. It also includes an explanation of Federal regulatory requirements and allowances at account opening, including risk analysis, determination of beneficial owners, account eligibility, IRS TIN requirements and more.
Account types discussed include:
• Individual,
• Joint,
• Payable on death,
• Minor accounts (including NEUTMA),
• Powers of Attorney,
• Estates,
• Trusts – revocable and irrevocable,
• Benefit and memorial funds,
 Representative Payees,
• Campaigns,
• Sole Proprietorships,
• Partnerships,
• Limited Liability Companies,
• Corporations,
• Clubs and Organizations

Speaker Bio

Laura Wilson is a principal with Pegasus Educational Services, LLC. She is a gifted trainer who proves learning can be fun. Audiences routinely comment that her recollection of material content and sense of humor are unique among presenters on technical topics.

Her career in training on banking related issues began in 1987. At one time she served as the regulatory compliance trainer for a $3 billion savings bank. Later, she was a senior consultant and full-time trainer for a regional consulting firm for financial institutions.

She has served on the faculty of the OTSí Level I Compliance School and the FDICís Bank Operations and Compliance School for examiners. In addition to presenting seminars for 17 state banking associations, she has been an instructor at compliance schools sponsored by the Iowa, Kentucky, Texas and Pennsylvania bankers associations. She is also a member of the American Society for Training and Development.