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2019 New Accounts in Iowa - Paper

This manual is a great reference tool for new accounts staff.

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Note: This manual was provided to attendees of the 3-hour evening program held in April 2019, and sponsored by the Iowa Bankers Association. This manual is copyrighted. Please order the number of manuals you will need for your employees. If you would like to make an unlimited number of copies, purchase the electronic version of this manual available through this website.

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Providing quality customer service in a heavily regulated environment is a considerable challenge. This manual provides your employees with the information and the resources they need to succeed. Participants learn which of the requirements at account opening are state law, federal regulation, or bank policy. The relationship of account opening to the bank’s BSA-AML program is highlighted. The manual includes an account matrix for easy reference.

There are threefocal points:
• account types and titles recognized by Iowa law,
• documentation needed to open accounts properly, and
• understanding the new account representative’s role in the institution’s CIP and CDD policies and procedures.

Account types discussed:
• Individual,
• Joint,
• Pay on Death,
• Trusts,
• Minor,
• UTMAs,
• Estate,
• SSA/SSI payments,
• Clubs and Civic Organizations,
• Sole Proprietorships,
• Partnerships,
• Corporations,
• Limited Liability Companies, and
• more.

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